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October Top Ten Warmest for UK

The month of October 2013 finished in the top 10 of the warmest Octobers on record for the United Kingdom, dating back to 1910.

According to the U.K. Met Office, the mean temperature for the United Kingdom in the month of October wrapped up at 11.2 degrees Celsius (52.2 degrees Fahrenheit), which is 1.7 degrees C above average.

This makes October 2013 the ninth warmest October on record and now five of the top ten warmest Octobers across the region have occurred since the year 2000.

Nights were also unusually mild across the U.K. with many locations yet to report their first frost of the season.

The month of October is also notable for being unusually cloudy and wet, which can be partially responsible for the above-normal temperatures. According to the Met Office, October 2013 was the wettest October across England since 2000.

Sunshine hours across the U.K. only reached 83 percent of the long-term average, while rainfall across the region reached 127 percent of normal for the month.

Trends for the week ahead indicate a wet and stormy weekend for the U.K. before high pressure building in next week results in a fair amount of sunshine and warm afternoons with clear and cool nights.'s Winter Forecast for the United Kingdom predicts near to above-normal temperatures persisting into the new year, indicating that this stretch of milder-than-usual weather may linger for months to come.