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Tropical Storm Sonia to Help Soak the Plains

Moisture streaming away from Tropical Storm Sonia will help return soaking rain to the central and southern Plains this week.

The center of Sonia will never reach U.S. soil, but its moisture was responsible for ending the weekend with some rain around the Big Bend region of Texas.

Showers will continue to expand across Texas Sunday night through Monday.

Tuesday is when the moisture from Sonia will combine with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and a storm system emerging from the Rockies to produce widespread rain from central Texas to eastern Nebraska and Iowa.

Enough cold air will be in place for snow to fall along the rain's northern fringe.

Tuesday night through Wednesday, the rain will gradually evolve into a more uniform solid line as it presses eastward into the Midwest and lower Mississippi Valley.

The rain will reach the East Coast Thursday and Thursday night. There is concern for strong wind gusts to accompany the rain across the St. Lawrence Valley and New England.

Downpours can accompany the rain along its entire path from the Plains to the East Coast. Such downpours will not only interfere with outdoor plans, but could lead to travel delays.

Widespread flooding problems are not expected, but there could be isolated issues across the Plains Tuesday through Tuesday night if a band of heavy rain develops and sits stubbornly over an area for an extended period of time.

The area at greatest risk for this occurring stretches from central Texas to western Iowa. Areas where the ground is still saturated from last week's deluge will be most susceptible to flooding.

The rain band after Tuesday night will be moving quick enough to limit flooding issues.