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After Krosa, Philippines Face More Tropical Troubles

The departure of Typhoon Krosa from Luzon Island will not mean the end of tropical troubles for the Philippines with two more tropical systems potentially in the works for next week.

After enduring damaging winds and flooding rain Thursday night, northern Luzon Island will see weather conditions gradually improve in a east-to-west fashion on Friday as Typhoon Krosa departs.

Krosa will then set its sights on central Vietnam for early next week.

While Krosa heads toward Vietnam, there are signs that another tropical system will be impacting the Philippines around Monday of next week.

That system could be followed by another later in the week.

While more precise details of each will become clearer in the upcoming days, current indications point toward these systems taking a track south of Krosa and impacting central parts of the Philippines.

The nation's capital of Manila escaped being significantly impacted from Krosa, but the city may fare worse next week.

The first system could have time to strengthen into a tropical storm before reaching the Philippines around Monday. Even if it fails to reach that status, it should still be accompanied by heavy rain and the threat of flooding.

"The second of the two systems will likely be the stronger of the two and could potentially become a typhoon," stated Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak. That would mean not only a return of heavy rain to the Philippines, but also damaging winds.

"There is additional concern for flooding from the second system since it will happen in quick succession to the first. Not enough time will pass for flood waters from the first system to recede or the ground to dry out," continued Wanenchak.

Residents of the Philippines should continue to check back with for the latest updates on the nation's impending tropical troubles.