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Tropical Storm-Force Winds for UK, France

The active weather in western Europe continues on Monday with a storm bringing strong wind gusts and rain.

A potent storm system will aim for the southern United Kingdom late on Sunday night and through the day on Monday.

A less powerful wind event will precede the Sunday night storm, moving wind gusts to 40 mph through Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England during the day on Sunday. This is the same storm that will dump rain and bring gusting winds to tailgaters of the NFL game at Wembley Stadium in London.

The exact track of the second storm will determine which areas will have the strongest corridor of winds. A small adjustment northward could bring 50-mph gusts to Wales and lessen the effects in France.

Currently, the coastal areas across southern England and northern France are forecast receive the highest winds. Sustained winds are expected between 40 to 50 mph, with gusts reaching 60 to perhaps 70 mph.

These winds will be strong enough to cause damage in some areas, including downed trees and structural damage.

The storm will continue to shift eastward throughout the day on Monday, bringing the damaging wind threat to Belgium and the Netherlands into Monday night.

In addition to wind, flooding rain also threatens the area. With the potential for inches of rain to fall in just a few hours, in addition to the rain falling from the active pattern lately, ponding on the roadways and flooding are a concern across the southern United Kingdom.