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Rainy Kickoff for NFL Game in London

The NFL jumps the pond for the second game of the season in Wembley Stadium along with another round of rain.

The match Sunday night will be between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the San Francisco 49ers.

As the Jaguars look for their first win of the season, both teams and their fans will be battling another opponent: the weather.

Western Europe has been in an active weather pattern for the past few weeks, with storm after storm bringing rain to Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Sunday night will not be an exception to the rain and wind. Throughout the day, there will be showers across England, making for a soggy day for tailgaters.

These showers will continue for kickoff. The partially closed roof overhead will give some protection from the rain for both the players and the 86,000 fans in the stadium. Luckily, with the heaviest rain looks to hold off until after midnight.

However, ahead of the heaviest rain will be gusty winds.

Winds will be gusting up to 40 mph with an initial push of rain Saturday evening. Winds will subside for Sunday morning but will pick up again Sunday afternoon. Game time winds could be sustained near 20 mph and gust up to 40 mph.

Kickoff temperatures will be about average for this time of year in London, settling in the mid-50s. However, in combination with the gusting winds and rain, it will feel more like the upper 40s.

This is the second game that the United Kingdom has hosted so far this season. The first contest in Wembley Stadium was on Sept. 29, with a match between the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Minnesota won the game 34-27.