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Chilling Halloween Typhoon Connection

It might be a chilly Halloween over part of the Plains this year all due to Typhoon Francisco.

While these two events may seem unrelated, the path that typhoons take in the western Pacific Ocean actually affects the weather in the United States down the road.

It has been observed that when typhoons turn away from the Asia mainland that chilly air often plunges into the Midwest and Northeast six to 10 days later.

With this pattern setting up with Typhoon Francisco, it could lead to a chilly night for trick-or-treaters planning to head out on Halloween.

A similar setup is currently being experienced in the Midwest and Northeast a week after Typhoon Wipha made a turn in the western Pacific, tracking it right past the east coast of Japan.

There are some uncertainties about the speed, duration and intensity of the chilly air; however, it does appear that there will be at least a couple of days with chilly temperatures that will sweep from the northern Plains into the Northeast.

More details will unfold in the following days as the pattern starts to become more certain.