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When Will Cold Reach New York to Philly, DC?

Residents of the Northeast will get the first taste of winter later this week as cold air pushes east of the Appalachians.

Noticeably cooler air will settle in across the I-95 corridor, from Boston to Philadelphia, by Wednesday and remain in place into the weekend.

Car owners will want to allow for some extra time in the morning to de-ice their car due to the potential for frost.

Folks still hanging onto outdoor flowers and vegetable plants may want to take preventative measures due to the frost potential.

This will be the coldest air of the season so far, with daytime highs limited to the mid-50s and overnight temperatures dipping into the 30s, possibly even touching the upper 20s in normally cooler spots.

In addition to the already unseasonably low temperatures, a light breeze during the afternoon will make temperatures feel even cooler.

These lower temperatures will also settle in just in time for the first two games of the World Series which are to be held in Boston Wednesday night and Thursday night.

High Tues.
High Wed.
Normal High
Boston 67 50 60
New York City 67 56 62
Philadelphia 65 56 65
Baltimore 66 56 66
Washington, D.C. 66 57 67

This push of cold air will also allow some snow to make an appearance in western parts of Pennsylvania and New York.

Although a few spots in the central Appalachians will get their first snowflakes of the season, no snow is expected to reach the I-95 corridor.