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Tropical Depression 13 Forms in the Atlantic

The 13th tropical depression of the season has formed in the Atlantic Basin, but it is not expected to affect land.

The system could become the 12th tropical storm of the season by Tuesday, before disruptive winds cause the system to weaken.

The next name on the list of tropical storms is Lorenzo.

Steering winds will guide the system on a northeasterly path taking it away from the Caribbean, the United States and Bermuda.

While the number of hurricanes this season is well below average, there have been an above-average number of tropical storms.

As of Monday morning, Oct. 21, 2013, there have been 11 systems that have reached at least tropical storm strength this season with Humberto and Ingrid being the only systems to reach Category 1 hurricane status.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, from 1851 to 2012, on average there have been one to two tropical storms and about one hurricane from late October through the end of November. The total seasonal average number of tropical storms in the Atlantic is 10 with six hurricanes.

As far as any near-land concerns for tropical systems across the globe, Hurricane Raymond in the Eastern Pacific will impact part of Mexico, and Typhoon Francisco is expected to make a direct hit Japan late this week.

The area in the western Caribbean to the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, which are favored areas during late October into November, will be watched for any signs of development in the coming weeks.