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Storms Moving Into Western Europe

A series of storms will be moving in through the week over western Europe. The first of these will move in Monday, and this looks to continue through Friday.

A storm off of the Ireland coastline will be slowly pushing eastward and bring some light to moderate rainfall to western Spain and Portugal by Monday afternoon, and further north into western France, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

By Tuesday, this heavier rainfall will push eastward and bring some rain through the rest of Spain, France and even pushing into western Germany.

The majority of western Europe will see welcome rainfall from this storm, but parts of Spain and Portugal may see some heavy, flooding rainfall around. But even for most of this area, a heavy rainfall will be welcome. Through the 20th of October, only 0.08 cm (0.03 inches) of rain has fallen, well short of normal rainfall through the 20th of 3.27 cm (1.29 inches).

Further north into the U.K. and Ireland, the storm spinning over the area will bring plenty of rainfall and also stronger winds to parts of the islands.

The next system will move in for Thursday and into Friday with additional rainfall from Ireland through Spain and Portugal. Some of the heaviest rainfall is also likely to again be in Spain, further aiding the region with the lack of rainfall recently.

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This next system will bring less in the way of winds, however, the rainfall will be widespread and some of the rain may even push into Sweden and Norway with this strong system.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert