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Snow to Expand Across the Great Lakes, Appalachians

While the weekend ends with snow around Lake Superior, snow will make an appearance across more of the Great Lakes and Appalachians before the week comes to an end.

The lake-effect machine will be in full effect across the entire Great Lakes from Wednesday through at least Friday.

Prior to that, snow showers will be confined to the upper Great Lakes through Monday before a band of rain and wet snow reaches Chicago late Tuesday.

A far-reaching blast of cold air moving over the relatively warm waters of the Great Lakes later this week will have no trouble activating the lake-effect machine.

The result will be numerous rain and snow showers streaming over the typical lake-effect snowbelts and into the central Appalachians.

Communities along the shores of the Great Lakes lie too close to the warm water for snow to fall.

However, it will turn cold enough at times for snow to accumulate at least a few inches over the higher elevations of the central Appalachians, parts of Michigan and northwestern Indiana.

"Slow travel is possible over the highest elevations, especially along secondary roads with temperatures dipping into the 30s at times by day and the 20s at night," stated Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

"It is possible that lawns and elevated surfaces in some valley and lower elevation spots get a light coating of snow," Sosnowski continued.

Snow showers could even work their way to the Catskills in southeastern New York and the Poconos in northeastern Pennsylvania and even develop over the mountains of northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire and northwestern Maine late in the week.

No snow will reach the I-95 corridor of New England and the mid-Atlantic, but brisk winds and Novemberlike cold air will.