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UK to Romania: Unseasonably Mild Across Europe This Week

Many residents and travelers across Europe should be able to leave the heavy jackets in the closet for the upcoming week.

A mild ridge of high pressure will keep much of Europe warmer than average throughout the upcoming week.

Temperatures across England and Wales will rise into the upper teens to near 20 degrees C (mid- to upper 60s F) throughout the week which is around 5 degrees C above average for mid to latter October.

Meanwhile, Frankfort, Germany, and Paris, France will also encounter temperatures of at least 5 degrees C above average for the upcoming week as daytime highs reach and perhaps even surpass 20 degrees C at times.

The center of the warm high pressure ridge will set up across eastern Europe throughout the week setting the stage for the predicted above-average temperatures.

This means that Romania, Bulgaria, and surrounding areas in eastern Europe will also see temperatures soar above average for highs as well. Buchurest, RO will rise into the low 20s degree C at times, while Sofia could see temperatures well into the mid-20s.

Despite the milder weather, the position of the high over eastern Europe will promote opportunities for showers and rain at times across western Europe and especially the United Kingdom.

Across London, U.K., every day but Wednesday has a chance of at least a shower or two in the forecast, but there will be some opportunities for breaks of sunshine in between the rain chances. Along coastal sections of the United Kingdom and Ireland, strong south to southwest winds will blow at times making it feel cooler than inland locations.

Farther south in Spain, temperatures will also rise to above average with the best opportunity for some rain will arrive on Tuesday and possible again by the end of the week.