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Nuisance Snow to Spread from North Dakota to Michigan

A band of accumulating snow will bring the first real taste of winter to places from North Dakota to upper Michigan and Ontario through Monday.

The snow will first drop into north-central and eastern North Dakota Saturday night before spreading to the western shores of Lake Superior on Sunday.

Sunday night through Monday, the snow will focus on places around Lake Superior as brisk winds drive colder air across the Midwest.

An Alberta clipper system will be responsible for delivering the wintry weather.

A general 1 to 3 inches is expected to accumulate in Grand Fork, N.D., and Grand Rapids and Duluth, Minn. Snow totals will be closer to an inch in Fargo, N.D., and 3 inches in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Between the clipper slowing down its forward progress and enhancement from Lake Superior, amounts will top 3 inches in western upper Michigan and central Ontario.

The difference between the warm waters of Lake Superior and the invading cold air is so great that thunder could even accompany the snow across western upper Michigan.

More than providing the Upper Midwest with its first real taste of winter, the snow threatens to create slick travel for motorists.

That is especially true at night and where the snow falls heavily for a time during the day. Otherwise, the above snow totals will be highest on grassy and elevated surfaces.

Another danger may unfold Sunday night where any slushy spots across northern and central Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin could freeze and turn icy. Bridges and overpasses is where this is most likely to occur.

The clipper's snow is not expected to continue its journey eastward into the Northeast. Another storm on the clipper's heels and its accompanying cold blast will instead lead to more of the Great Lakes and Appalachians experiencing their first snow of the season around midweek.