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New Tropical System Brews in Pacific

Tropical Storm Raymond has become the lone tropical system in the eastern Pacific Ocean, forming just off the coast of Mexico.

This newly formed tropical system first began as a tropical depression early on Saturday night before strengthening to tropical storm status early on Sunday morning.

While it will not have any impacts on the United States, this tropical storm does pose a threat to part of the western coast of Mexico.

Although Raymond is not expected to make landfall, it will still deliver heavy rain and tropical storm-force winds to the Mexican Coast near the cities of Manzanilo and Tecoman through midweek.

This heavy rainfall can lead to life-threatening flash floods as well as mudslides.

Further intensification on Monday and Tuesday could allow for Raymond to become a Category 1 hurricane for a brief period of time.

By Wednesday, interactions with land as well as drier air aloft and increased wind shear will lead to slight weakening of the system; although it will sill continue to deliver rain to the Mexican Coast.

Looking beyond Wednesday, Raymond will make a sharp turn and move off to the west, taking it away from land and over the open waters of the East Pacific.