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Midwest Will Feel 20- to 30-Degrees Colder Than Last Weekend

A cold front that has moved through the Midwest has ushered noticeably colder air into the region for the weekend; a big change from what was seen just a week ago.

Temperatures on Saturday will generally range from the mid-40s into the mid-50s; which translates to roughly 10 degrees below normal for mid-October.

Temperatures will rebound a bit on Sunday from Iowa to Ohio with afternoon highs in the 60s; however, even colder temperatures will begin to push into Minnesota and Wisconsin as the next shot of cold air begins to move in from Canada.

This comes as a big turnaround after last weekend when temperatures averaged 10 degrees above normal across the Midwest; climbing into the lower 70s in some spots.

To add to the chill, clouds will limit any sunshine across the region both on Saturday and Sunday with showers developing downwind of the Great Lakes.

Minnesota and Wisconsin will even have their first snowflakes of the season this weekend.

High Last Sun.
High This Sun.
ReelFeel This Sun.
Fargo, S.D. 59 40 27
St. Cloud, Minn. 58 45 40
Minneapolis, Minn. 61 48 43
Green Bay, Wis. 61 48 45
Madison, Wis. 69 53 51
Detroit, Mich. 69 55 51

This colder air will affect hundreds of thousands planning to attend football games this weekend being held across the region.

One game in particular that will be affected on Sunday will be the Green Bay Packers playing at home against the Cleveland Browns.

While the high temperature is forecast to reach 48 on game day, factors such as cloud cover and wind will make the RealFeel® temperature be held to the lower 40s.

This will make for the coldest game of the year for each team so far this season.

Additionally, the Detroit Lions will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday afternoon. However, Ford Field, home to the Lions, is an indoor stadium, so only the fans tailgating before the game will feel the effects of this unseasonably cold weather.

Early next week, the next shot of cold air will move in from Canada, dropping temperatures even more.

This cold trend is expected to last through most of next week with high temperatures in northern parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan to be limited to the mid- to upper 30s each day.