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Former Typhoon to Heighten Surf Off San Francisco

Surf along the coast of San Francisco will turn rough Monday and Tuesday thanks to a former typhoon.

The remains of Typhoon Wipha will never reach California, but waves kicked up by the once-deadly storm soon will.

"Storm-generated waves that travel great distances across the ocean are referred to as swells," stated Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

The swell from Wipha is expected to reach the northern and central California coast late Sunday night and Monday morning, then will keep the surf rough through Tuesday.

Swells are expected to build to 6 to 8 feet for Monday afternoon and Tuesday with locally higher sets.

Such waves will create dangers for beachgoers, those fishing from rocks and jetties and operators of small craft near the coast. Potentially dense fog is another hazard that will be present during the mornings of Monday and Tuesday.

Seas will subside at midweek as the swells from Wipha pass.