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Santa Ana Winds Bring Fire Danger Wednesday

Santa Ana winds and dry, hot air bring back the concern for wildfires in Southern California for the middle of the week.

Santa Ana winds will sweep Southern California on Wednesday, adding yet another contributing factor to the threat for wildfires.

Little rain has fallen recently across Southern California, leaving any vegetation in the area drier than normal.

If a fire sparked, it would quickly spread across the dry plants. The Santa Ana winds add another ingredient.

Although winds are not expected to be extreme, they will be strong, gusting up to 50 mph as they channel through the mountains of Southern California.

This excess wind will further spread the dry vegetation and fires, making them even harder for firefighters to contain the flames under the hot sunshine.

Temperatures near the coastline will be rising above average for the afternoon on Wednesday. With highs in the mid- to upper 80s in Los Angeles and Anaheim, the sizzling heat will rise as much as 10 degrees above normal for the middle of October.