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Laos Plane Crash Kills 49

In trying to land the plane, the pilots ran into adverse weather, the remnants of Typhoon Nari.

On Wednesday, a Lao Airlines passenger plane crashed and killed 49 people from 11 different countries as it was preparing to land at Pakse Airport.

The plane crashed heavily into the Mekong River where officials ruled out finding any survivors.

Although the exact cause has not yet been determined and investigations still continue, an airline official blamed the crash on wind shear, the sudden, drastic change in wind direction or speed.

The Lao Airlines vice president, Chalerm Taiyalad, said that it was raining heavily at the time the plane was preparing to land.

The country of Laos is in its third day of seeing heavy rain and winds from what once was Typhoon Nari. Nari made landfall Monday night in central Vietnam. Ahead of the storm, over 100,000 people were evacuated, and Vietnam Airlines canceled many flights.

After making landfall, Nari quickly weakened to a cyclone. However, effects from the system continued to linger throughout Laos, northern Cambodia and eastern Thailand. Heavy rain and winds moved inland with the storm, threatening flooding, damaging winds and mudslides.

These conditions could easily make a problem for pilots during one of the most difficult parts of flying a plane, the landing.

As of Thursday, bodies of the victims were being removed from the river and presented to the families as investigations continued.