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Drier Weather Returns to the mid-Atlantic

The cloudy, rainy weather that lingered around the mid-Atlantic over the weekend and into the start of the week will finally begin to depart the region today, but the next storm system is already on the horizon.

The area of low pressure spinning just off the region's coast that was responsible for the recent spell of dreary weather has finally begun to move into the open waters of the western Atlantic Ocean.

In the meantime, high pressure over New England has wedged itself down along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains, allowing for a dry day across much of the region on Tuesday.

Although high pressure has briefly built in over the mid-Atlantic, sunshine will not be as predominant as it will be farther north in New England closer to the center of the high.

A storm system spreading rain and thunderstorms across the Plains will begin to take aim at the region with clouds advancing into the East ahead of the system.

Rain and showers from this system will begin to move into parts of the mid-Atlantic as early as Wednesday, with showers spreading across the rest of the region on Thursday and Friday.

While rain will not be as heavy and as long lasting as it was with the recent system, it will still raise flooding concerns across the region.

The persistent rain and drizzle that set up across the mid-Atlantic late last week spread several inches of rain across the region with spots in southeastern Pennsylvania receiving as much as 10 inches of rain.

With this much rain in just a few short days, very little rainfall is needed to cause additional flooding.

People living around Harrisburg, Pa., are at a particularly high risk of flash flooding, where as little as half an inch of rain can cause flooding issues.

Rain moving in later this week will cause problems on the roadways, especially if the additional rainfall leads to streams overflowing onto roadways.

If this does happen and you come across a roadway with water flowing over it, do not attempt to drive through it as the flowing water may be deeper than you anticipate.

Additionally, this rain may lead to flight delays in cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

High pressure will be building back in late on Friday, which should allow for a dry start to the weekend.