Wet and Gloomy Weather to Plague Central Europe

The mainly dry and warm weather pattern of the past couple of weeks will come to a close Thursday across central Europe. Wet weather is expected to make for a dreary end of the week and could cause some flooding problems with heavier downpours.

Since last week of September, most areas from eastern France through southern Germany and into Austria and northern Italy have been dry and warm, under the influence of a large dome of high pressure. This spell of pleasant weather will come to an abrupt end as a potent storm system diving through the United Kingdom and into France spreads rain across central Europe on Thursday.

The rain can fall heavily at times Thursday into Thursday night, first arriving from Frankfurt, Germany, to Geneva, Switzerland, before dampening Salzburg, Austria, and the Alps.

Most locations will receive 25 to 50 mm (1-2 inches) of rain during the end of the week, but some spots, especially in favored mountain regions, could pick up 75mm (3 inches) or more. These higher amounts could lead to flooding in some locations.

Elsewhere, the story will be the dull and gray conditions that are expected to persist into the weekend. The low pressure area responsible for the wet weather will get cut off from the jet stream and remain nearly stationary over eastern France. While the heaviest rain should fall Thursday, on-and-off showers can continue into Saturday and Sunday.

In the higher elevations of the Alps, snow will fall. Innsbruck, Austria, may pick up their first snow of the season although the highest accumulations should remain in the more mountainous terrain outside the city.

By the weekend, the another band of heavier rain may set up shop over northern Germany. Berlin, Hanover, Hamburg and Dresden can all be drenched.

Looking ahead, an active weather pattern is anticipated into next week with the potential for more unsettled weather.