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RADAR: Track Saturday's Snow, Severe Storms

Snow and severe weather remain concerns this Saturday from the powerful storm that already dropped feet of snow across Wyoming and South Dakota and spawned damaging tornadoes on Friday.

The storm evolved into a blizzard on Friday, leading to severe blowing and drifting snow, numerous road closures and a measurement of nearly 44 inches of snow in Lead, S.D.

Lengthy stretches of I-90 in western South Dakota and I-25, 80 and 90 in Wyoming remain closed due to the wintry weather as of Saturday morning.

The pressure of the storm was 29.58 inches Saturday morning, making it stronger than Tropical Storm Karen and its pressure of 29.77 inches.

On the warm side of the storm, tornadoes touched down in northeastern Nebraska and northwestern Iowa late Friday. The Associated Press reported at least 15 people sustained injuries when a tornado tore through Wayne, Neb.

The windswept snow will gradually wind down on Saturday, while more severe thunderstorms erupt from southern Wisconsin and lower Michigan to Arkansas and northeastern Texas Saturday afternoon and evening. This includes Chicago, St. Louis and Little Rock.

Damaging winds and blinding downpours are the greatest dangers.

Stay ahead of the snow and severe weather with the following regional and state radars.

North Central Regional Radar:

South Dakota Radar:

Minnesota Radar:

Wisconsin Radar:

Illinois Radar:

Missouri Radar:

Arkansas Radar: