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Wet Week Ahead For Western Europe

As the weather turns a bit more fall-like for western Europe, some rainy weather will also be setting up from Spain through the U.K. and Ireland for much of the week.

A storm off the coastline the past few days has brought some rain and drizzle already from Spain and Portugal, through western France and into the U.K. and Ireland. Though the majority of the rain has been light, this storm remains quite strong out to sea and is going to continue to pump the moist air in.

The worst of the rainfall is expected in for the middle of the week as the center of the storm moves onshore. However, as the storm spins off the coastline, several bouts of rain are expected, especially near the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

This will cap a month that saw a lack of rainfall in much of Spain and Portugal and even into parts of France. Rainfall in parts of Spain and Portugal were less than 30 percent of normal for the month. More rain was seen over the U.K. and Ireland, but even that was after a few months were there was little rain.

The heaviest rainfall should fall for most locations in western Europe between Tuesday and Thursday, and though rain will not be heavy most of the time for those locations, there will be some drizzle and light rain for much of the time.

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With this rain, we are also looking at temperatures to be near to even below normal and keeping most locations from getting to warm as was the case for the end of September. Once we get to the weekend, however, it looks like some drier and warmer air will try and push into the area once again.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert