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Tropics Remain Active In The Pacific

As the Atlantic remains relatively quiet with regards to the tropical activity, the Western Pacific is again seeing signs of more development as a typhoon is already pushing towards Vietnam.

Typhoon Wutip is pushing closer and closer to Vietnam, and though this storm is spinning right now, another system is looking to develop east of the Philippines.

A mass of clouds is spinning about 1,000 miles east of the Philippines, and is in an area that is prime for systems to develop. This system will try and develop over the next day or two, and could form into the next named storm by later Monday or Tuesday.

Tokyo, Japan Forecast

Over the next several days, this storm will slowly spin in the Pacific and eventually push off to the north and west. As this system remains weak and unorganized, it will likely take a few days for this system to move.

The storm will move towards eastern Japan, and as it does, will start to get the effects of a front moving in from the north and west. This is similar to the way Pabuk moved just last week as it approached Japan then got pushed off to the north and east.

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Though the storm is not expected at this time to affect Japan directly, some rain and rough surf could push near Tokyo for the middle and end of next week. Either way, this system will need to be monitored as the exact track is still highly uncertain.

Other than this system and Wutip, the rest of the Western Pacific looks quiet, which is a welcome relief for many weary of the recent uptick in storms.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert