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Another Storm Brewing in the Western Pacific

While the Atlantic Ocean remains relatively tranquil, the Western Pacific is expected to have another tropical system develop in the next 24 hours.

The former typhoon Pabuk is now rapidly moving off to the east of Japan as it interacts with a frontal boundary and will pose no immediate impacts to any landmasses.

Attention is now shifting to a cluster of showers and thunderstorms just west of the Philippines. A weak area of low pressure is present in this area and development into a tropical system is expected.

If this system becomes a tropical storm it will be named Wutip. The conditions surrounding this potential tropical system would be favorable for strengthening and it remains a possibility that any tropical system that forms could reach typhoon status.

The potential tropical system would take a westerly track over the weekend leading to a landfall in central or north-central Vietnam.

The greatest concerns at this point will be for torrential rainfall that could lead to life-threatening flooding across Vietnam and much of northern Indochina.