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Manila, Northern Philippines Flooded Again

Torrential rainfall across the northern Philippines, including the capital city of Manila, has led to widespread flooding problems since the weekend.

Former Typhoon Usagi passed north of the Philippines on Friday before moving westward and making landfall in China on Sunday.

Many times when a tropical system takes this track, the southwest monsoon will be enhanced leading to widespread flooding in the northern and western Philippines.

This was the case in August when Tropical Storm Trami enhanced the monsoon resulting in deadly flooding across Manila with as much as 40 inches of rainfall in some parts of metro Manila. The disaster resulted in at least 16 deaths.

This round of rainfall has again led to flooding and mudslides across northern and western Philippines, including Manila and the Subic Bay area.

Rainfall since Sunday has totaled over 10 inches in Manila, while the Subic Bay area has reported as much 17 inches of rain.

The death toll from the flooding and mudslides has reached 31 according to Most of these deaths occurred in the hard-hit Subic Bay area.

More than 10,000 people remain displaced as rain continues to fall across the region.

Unfortunately, a weak tropical low, currently just west of the Philippines, will continue to enhance rainfall over some of the hardest-hit areas this week. Although it is unclear if another tropical system will form, flooding rainfall will be the primary concern as many areas remain under water.

If a tropical system were to form just west of the Philippines, it would likely track westward toward Vietnam later this week.