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Driest Year in San Francisco's Recorded History Continues

This year has been the driest on record for the San Francisco area so far. As on Sept. 22, the city has only seen 3.94 inches of rain since Jan. 1.

According to's long-range fall forecast, drought conditions that have been plaguing much of California are expected to continue through the first part of the season, with October's dry, warm Santa Ana winds contributing to further fire concerns.

City officials stated that they are unconcerned about local reservoirs, as they remain 71 to 77 percent full.

Precipitation chances remain low for the first week of fall, with mostly sunny skies forecast for each day. Daytime temperatures at the beginning of the week will stay in the mid- to upper 60s, but will approach 80 over the weekend.

Nighttime hours for the week will have temperatures in the mid-50s and clear skies.