Soaking Rain and Wind to Atlantic Canada

After a rather dry end to the week, heavy rain will shift to Atlantic Canada by Monday.

The storm system that has moved across Ontario and Quebec to end the week will continue shifting eastward Sunday, bringing some late showers to Nova Scotia.

Meanwhile, a tropical disturbance that ended the week just east of Bermuda is expected to move north towards Atlantic Canada.

Although this area will likely lose some tropical characteristics, the system will still stream some heavy rain from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland for Monday and Tuesday.

Rainfall amounts are expected as high as 1 inch in just a few hours, with locally up to 2 inches in total.

In addition to the soaking rains, gusty winds will be pushing into the area off the Atlantic.

Behind the frontal system, there will still be the chance for showers through the middle of the week.

With cloud cover also in the forecast, temperatures are expected to drop into the teens for the afternoon (50s in Fahrenheit), just below average for the second half of September.