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System From Tropics May Impact Bermuda, Newfoundland

A large area of showers and thunderstorms east of the Bahamas could turn into a more organized storm system late this weekend or early next week as it moves northward through the Atlantic.

Depending on the system's exact track, it may pass within a few hundred miles of Bermuda over the weekend and could even directly impact a portion of Atlantic Canada early next week with wind and rain.

The area of low pressure associated with the showers and thunderstorms is located several hundred miles east of the Bahamas. Initially, the system will likely be disorganized and weak as if drifts to the east or northeast over the next couple of days.

As it turns more to the north by the weekend and passes near Bermuda, it should have an opportunity to get better organized. At that point, the system will still be over warm waters, which may allow it to acquire some tropical characteristics and develop into a tropical or subtropical storm. A subtropical storm contains both features of a tropical storm and features of a mid-latitude cyclone.

While there is uncertainty regarding the storm's track and intensity, it appears any impacts on Bermuda would be minor. If the track is close enough to the island, there can be some rain and even gusty winds for a brief time late Friday night and Saturday.

As this storm traverses the North Atlantic waters, it will meet up with a cold front moving off the East Coast of the United States. The position of this front will be crucial in determining if the storm will impact portions of Atlantic Canada.

If there is a direct impact, Newfoundland would be the most likely candidate to receive wind and rain from the system on Monday or Tuesday. If the track is farther west, Nova Scotia could potentially get rain as well.

A track farther to the east could prevent Atlantic Canada from having any impacts from the system.