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Summer Warmth to Start Autumn in Paris, London

Early next week will feel more like summer in Paris and London than the start of autumn.

Autumn officially gets underway on Sunday when high pressure will be pumping mild air across western Europe.

The high will actually begin to build overhead on Saturday with the accompanying dry and mild conditions replacing the cool air, bouts of rain and gusty winds that currently dominate central Europe's weather pattern.

Even warmer conditions will follow for Monday and Tuesday with the high firmly in place. Temperatures in both London and Paris these days will rise to 25 and 26 degrees C (the upper 70s F). Paris will come close to cracking the 27-degree C (80-degree F) mark.

A high of 22 degrees C (71 degrees F) and 24 degrees C (76 degrees F) is more typical in London and Paris, respectively, during the summer.

Partly to mostly sunny skies and no rain early next week will complement the warmth, which should prevail through most of the upcoming week and be a stark contrast to the cool spell currently in place.

Temperatures have been held below normal since this past weekend in London and Monday, Sept. 9, in Paris. That streak is set to continue through at least Thursday.

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