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Four Dead in Colorado Floods, Evacuations Continue

Four people are reported dead after a historic midweek flood in Colorado.

About 200 people remained unaccounted for, although they are not necessarily missing, the Boulder Office of Emergency Management said Saturday. Emergency officials said they are working to collect an updated list of names from hospitals, shelters and evacuation sites.

At least one person was killed in a collapsed home due to the flooding. Another life was taken on the 200 block of Linden in Boulder, reported Boulder Emergency Management. A third person was found dead in Fountain Creek, Colorado Springs police said. The fourth person died in Boulder, authorities told The Associated Press.

Officials said the focus continues on search and rescue operations, which are challenging because numerous mountain roads are flooded, damaged and impassable.

Approximately 50 people are still in Jamestown and law enforcement urged them to evacuate because it is not known when the roads will be repaired. The Colorado National Guard prepared to evacuate two outdoor education camps in the area.

There is no immediate threat to drinking water in Boulder, Erie, Lafayette or Longmont, officials said. Boulder city officials reported that part of the city's main wastewater pipeline was destroyed by flood waters; it carried about 90 percent of Boulder's untreated wastewater.

President Barack Obama approved federal aid for Colorado as a result of the flooding in Boulder, El Paso and Larimer counties.