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Second Tropical Storm Heading For Mexico

While Ingrid is already affecting parts of Mexico, another tropical storm is heading for the country.

Manuel has formed south of Mexico over the eastern Pacific. Tropical Storm warnings are now in effect from for parts of the Mexican coast, including Acapulco.

Manuel will pose a major flooding threat as it can drop 10-20 inches of rain across parts of Mexico through the weekend. The areas most likely to receive heavy rain include the states of Oxaca and Guerrero.

In addition to the rain, winds will increase as Manuel strengthens on approach to Mexico. It is expected to make landfall late Saturday night as a strong tropical storm with sustained winds around 60 mph. Winds this strong will be enough to down trees and power lines on the coast where the center makes landfall.

The combination of the impacts from both Tropical Storm Ingrid and Tropical Storm Manuel stokes fears of a widespread, deadly flooding event across Mexico this weekend.