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BREAKING: One Life Claimed in Boulder, CO Flooding

Heavy rain on Wednesday led to significant flooding in the Boulder, Colo., area.

Rain began early in the morning on Wednesday and continued throughout the day, becoming heavy in the evening, dumping as much as 1 inch of rain per hour.

Torrential downpours brought somewhere between 5 and 10 inches of rain across the area. Excess flooding even broke Pinewood Springs Dam, sending rushing water into the city of Lyons.

Already, at least one person has been killed.

Highway 66 was under water driving into Lyons, and Highway 7 was also shut down.

Roadways were reported as "impassable" in the city of Boulder's Office of Emergency Management.

Colorado University's Boulder Campus closed for Thursday, Sept. 12 "due to effects of severe flooding and the ongoing weather emergency" according to the schools website.

Boulder's Emergency Management spokeswoman, Gabrielle Boerkircher told the Associated Press that about 400 students were evacuated.

Water was reported in dormitories and underpasses on campus.

Emergency managers also reported multiple home collapses in the Jamestown area. Due to the flooding and mudslides, multiple roads were being cut off.