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Portland Heat to Challenge Records

Temperatures will be on the rise in Portland over the next few days following a warm start to the workweek.

The heat will begin to turn up Tuesday afternoon with the mercury forecast to rise to the 90-degree mark, nearly 15 degrees above normal for mid-September.

Temperatures will continue to rise on Wednesday, climbing into the mid-90s.

Record-challenging heat will continue in Portland through Thursday, although

temperatures are not expected to be quite as hot.

A northward bulge in the jet stream is responsible for these unseasonably hot temperatures, allowing warmer air to settle in over the region and limiting the cooling factors that the Pacific Ocean plays on areas near the coast.

Portland has not broken any high temperature records so far this summer with this week possibly being the last chance for the city to do so before autumn arrives later this month.

Portland is forecast to reach 94 degrees on Wednesday, which is just one degree shy of the record high for the date set in 2009.

The possibility also exists for the city to reach the record temperature on Thursday, although the forecast calls for a high of 90 degrees with the record for the day standing at 92.

Temperatures will ease a bit by Friday with highs retreating into the upper 80s.

Although this will feel more comfortable, these temperatures will still equate to 10 degrees above normal for Portland.