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Gabrielle to Buffet Bermuda With Rain, Seas and Squalls

Gabrielle came back to life and will pass near Bermuda at midweek with a dose of drenching rain, gusty winds and rough seas.

Bermuda, a popular tourist destination over the western Atlantic Ocean, will feel the effects of Tropical Storm Gabrielle Tuesday into Wednesday.

The tropical storm will move north-northwestward during the middle of this week.

While the storm is not expected to cause major damage, it will bring minor disruptions to tourist activities, dangerous surf and beach erosion for a short period of time with one or more periods of windswept, heavy rain.

Episodes of urban flooding are possible.

Small craft operators should remain in port until the storm passes and seas subside Thursday.

On a positive note, Gabrielle has the potential to bring between 2 and 4 inches of rain to the islands.

Since there is no ground water, rain is collected and stored on the islands for future use.

While there is a chance of hurricane-force wind gusts, many structures on Bermuda are built to withstand a direct hit from a major hurricane.

This coming weekend, Gabrielle may bring stormy conditions to Newfoundland and surrounding waters as it accelerates to the northeast toward Atlantic Canada.