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Heavy Rain And Flooding In Buenos Aires

After seeing little rainfall through the winter in Buenos Aires, some heavy rains have finally made an appearance which will only help farmers ready to plant crops in the next few weeks.

This heavy rainfall is occurring as a storm moves up the coastline and brings a wide swath of over one inch of rain to coastal Argentina and coastal Uruguay. In the last 24 hours, ending Saturday afternoon local time, 3.62 inches of rain fell in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This rain mostly came in around sunrise as over 2 inches fell in less than 6 hours.

This rain is falling as the International Olympic Committee is taking a vote on the host city for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, and the rain was so heavy for a time that the broadcast of the events was suspended.

This heavy rainfall also caused some flooding across the city which has seen nearly half the typical rainfall for the winter months. Only a bit over 3 inches of rain fell in June through August, with normal rainfall of close to 8 inches. Being south of the equator, this is the time of year that Buenos Aires is coolest.

Now is also a critical time for the farmers of the region as crops are being planted and some farmers are awaiting any rainfall to decide if they will grow corn or a less water needing plant like soy beans for their summer. Farmers growing corn will be planting in the next few weeks, and some farmers are waiting for any rain to see if this is enough to help the corn early on. Argentina is the third highest exporter of corn in the world.

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More rain is looking likely for the end of next week as another storm system moves into the area. That storm could bring another shot of over an inch of rain to the area, which given how dry it has been this winter, will be more than welcome.