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Thunderstorms Bringing Flood Threat to Boston Area

Concerns are growing for flash flooding in the Boston area this Sunday morning from drenching thunderstorms.

The thunderstorms are bypassing the city's far northwestern suburbs such as Lexington, but are or will soon be drenching Boston proper and its other communities.

Concerns for flooding are greatest across Boston's southern suburbs, near Interstate 95, were thunderstorms earlier on Sunday morning already saturated the ground.

Low-lying and poor drainage areas, as well as places near streams and creeks, are most susceptible to flash flooding.

Even where flooding does not ensue, motorists will encounter reduced visibility and a heightened risk of vehicles hydroplaning at highway speeds. This includes those planning to travel on Interstates 93 and 95.

Those who want to brave the rain should still seek shelter due to the accompany lightning. Isolated incidents of strong winds and small hail cannot be ruled out.

An end to the flash flood threat in the Boston area will not come with the departure of Sunday morning's thunderstorms.

Drenching showers and thunderstorms will continue to occasionally move through the area as the remainder of this Labor Day weekend progresses.

Periods of rain and thunderstorms will follow for Tuesday before drier and less humid air arrives on Wednesday.