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Humidity, Storm Relief Coming to Midwest, East

Relief from the sticky and stormy conditions starting this extended holiday weekend is headed to the Midwest, Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Drier and less humid air will spend Sunday through Wednesday sweeping in a west to east fashion from the Midwest to the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Fargo, N.D., and Minneapolis will first notice a reduction in storminess and humidity on Sunday, followed by Kansas City, Chicago and Detroit on Labor Day.

St. Louis and Cincinnati will see humidity levels fall Monday afternoon and night with the same set to happen in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City 24 hours later on Tuesday.

Wednesday is when the steamy air will finally be gone from Portland, Boston and southward to Richmond, Va. The less humid air may even work its way into Atlanta this day, but will stop short of reaching the Gulf Coast.

The reduction in humidity will also be accompanied by temperatures returning to values that are more typical of early September.

The departure of the humid air, however, will not come quietly. Potentially severe thunderstorms will continue to threaten the Upper Midwest through Saturday night, then the mid-Mississippi Sunday afternoon and evening.

Locally drenching showers and thunderstorms will rattle the East every day prior to the less humid air's arrival. Much to the demise of those with outdoor plans, Labor Day should prove to be the most active day in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

Once the steamy air leaves, its quick return is not anticipated. The coolest air mass since the spring may instead dive into the Northeast late in the week.