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Another Surge of Warmth Headed to London, Paris

Despite the calendar turning to September, another surge of late-summer warmth is headed to western Europe early next week.

The upcoming warm surge will not occur until after cooler air dives into Europe this weekend, erasing the seasonably warm highs of 23 to 24 degrees C (73 to 76 degrees F) in both London and Paris on Friday.

While the coolest air will be directed across countries to the east, temperatures will still be held to 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) in London both days of the weekend and on Sunday in Paris.

Highs of 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) in London and 22 degrees C (72 degrees F) in Paris are more common at the end of August.

Temperatures, however, will be anything but typical in both of these cities early next week as a ridge of high pressure builds overhead and ushers in the surge of late-summer warmth.

"London could have a high of 27 degrees C (80 degrees F) on Tuesday and Wednesday, while Paris will definitely crack that mark [those days]," stated Expert Senior Meteorologist Jason Nicholls.

The good news for residents and visitors who want to enjoy the warmth outside is that dry weather will also prevail these days.

The warmth will not last beyond midweek as a cold front will then usher in fresh cool air, shifting the warmth to eastern Europe in the process.

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