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Storms, Sticky Air Headed Back to New York City

The sunshine and low humidity from this weekend will soon be replaced by the return of thunderstorms and steamy air in New York City.

High pressure that provided perfect weather for outdoor activities this weekend will give way to rounds of thunderstorms dropping down from the Great Lakes and eastern Canada for this workweek. meteorologists will be monitoring each round of thunderstorms closely for the possibility of a cluster of severe thunderstorms erupting over the Great Lakes, then dropping southeastward into the Northeast or mid-Atlantic.

There is concern for a couple of incidents of downpours and gusty winds in New York City as thunderstorms return Monday afternoon and night.

However, lightning accompanying all of the thunderstorms will pose the greatest danger to residents and visitors. As soon as thunder is heard, remember you are then close enough to get struck by lightning.

Among the outdoor activities that could be interfered by Monday's thunderstorms are the opening ceremony and round 1 of the U.S. Open tennis tournament being held in Flushing.

A stray shower or thunderstorm should still be around on Tuesday when an increase in humidity will be noticeable to those in New York City.

The higher humidity will combine with highs in the mid-80s to create RealFeel® temperatures in the mid-90s Tuesday afternoon.

The sticky air will still be around on Wednesday when yet another round of showers and thunderstorms will occur.

Drier and less humid air will attempt to work its way into the New York City area later in the week, but could fall just short or reaching the city and allow the steamy conditions to instead prevail.