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Ivo Brings Major Flash Flood Threat to Las Vegas, Phoenix

Moisture from Ivo will continue to stream into the Desert Southwest through early this week, helping to generate widespread drenching showers and thunderstorms.

As Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski warned last week, "The weather pattern has the potential to bring drought-busting rain to some locations, but also packs the risk of urban flooding and a flash flooding disaster."

As Ivo continues to bear down on Baja California, its moisture will become drawn to the north the next few days.

On Saturday night, torrential downpours targeted northwestern Mexico and part of Southern California to southern Nevada, Arizona and western New Mexico.

These downpours were spreading northward on Sunday through much of Utah and western Colorado.

A couple of inches of rain could fall over a few hours time frame, which is more than enough to cause dry stream beds to turn into raging rivers and overwhelm storm drains in towns and cities.

Cities at risk for flash flooding include Phoenix, Flagstaff, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Tucson and Needles. Meteorologists are concerned that there is the potential for widespread, major flooding problems along a corridor from St. George, Utah, through Las Vegas, Nev. and Phoenix, Ariz.

Motorists should be prepared for not only rapidly changing weather conditions, but also hazards on the roads. Downpours miles away can lead to rapid flooding and mudslides.

While the rain and higher humidity will lower the risk of wildfires for a time in the Southwest, the bulk of the drenching rain is forecast to stop short of or diminish over the area where massive wildfires are burning in portions of Idaho, Oregon and northern California.