Tropical Wave Could Develop in Southern Gulf of Mexico

Published August 24, 2013

| AccuWeather Meteorologists are monitoring a tropical wave over the Yucatan Peninsula which could develop over the next day or two.

This tropical wave is producing widespread thunderstorm activity over the Yucatan and adjacent waters as well as Belize and northern Guatemala.

This system will be steered westward by a large zone of high pressure centered over the Plains states.

As the wave pulls into the Bay of Campeche late tonight and Sunday, it will encounter very warm waters and relatively favorable atmospheric conditions.

However, there are some limiting factors for development in that the wave will remain very close to land. It won't be able to move farther north due to the blocking high pressure center mentioned above.

At any rate, some slow development is possible between now and Sunday before the wave moves into northeastern Mexico.

Regardless of development, heavy, flooding downpours will shift from the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize this evening into southern and eastern Mexico on Sunday.

Residents living along the southern and eastern coasts of Mexico should keep a close eye on this system the remainder of the weekend.

Dangerous flash flooding could lead to mudslides and washed out roadways from Cancun and Campeche into Saturday night through Veracruz and Tampico on Sunday.

Check back with as we continue to monitor the system for development.