Tropical Threat Continues for the Philippines

Yet another tropical system looks to be developing near the Philippines and could bring more heavy rainfall to northern parts of the islands.

Parts of the northern Philippines have been affected by a number of storms over the past several weeks, with the latest being Typhoon Trami as it brought heavy rainfall to parts of Luzon late last week. Some areas saw over a foot of rainfall from Trami, and some of those same areas saw several feet or rain and major flooding and mudslides from Utor around the beginning of the month.

The Philippines typically see around 6 to 9 landfalling systems a year, and though there have been less than that so far this year, more are likely during the heart of the typhoon season.

The next storm that is taking shape should push near the northern parts of the Philippines, and though the worst of the storm appears to remains offshore at this time, more rain and wind gusts could affect Luzon once again. If this becomes named, the storm will be named Kong-rey by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

After the storm moves through the Philippines, it looks to slow down and remain offshore over the China coastline and even Taiwan. There may be some rough surf and stronger wind gusts near the coast along with rain moving through, but the storm should remain far enough to the east to not bring major affects to the mainland.

Image courtesy of the National Weather Service

This storm is likely to form in the next day or two, and once it does form, we will see this storm remain in the Pacific for the next several days, possibly into next weekend even.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert