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Record-Challenging Heat Wave for Minneapolis Next Week

Temperatures will challenge daily record highs much of the week prior to Labor Day in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, under blazing sunshine most days.

High temperatures are forecast to reach well into the 90s most days, just as many kids are heading back to school. Average high temperatures for the start of school are in the upper 70s.

Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and take breaks if you must do strenuous work outside of an air-conditioned environment. Avoid rigorous exercise outdoors during the afternoon hours, when the sunshine is the most intense and temperatures are the highest.

High pressure will build at most levels of the atmosphere over the Central states, creating a large dome of hot air.

Along the northern edge of the large dome of heat, rounds of thunderstorms will travel eastward along the Canada border, then southeastward across the Great Lakes region through the end of August.

Occasionally, these storms will dip southward across the Twin Cities. Such patterns have also yielded severe weather with damaging winds and flash flooding.

Where the storms fail to reach farther south, abnormally dry conditions will trend toward moderate or more severe drought, due to the excessive heat.