Deadly Wildfires in Portugal

The summers are often dry across Portugal; however, most of the nation has received no rainfall so far in August.

In fact, dating back to the end of June, northern Portugal has received roughly 10 percent of their normal precipitation.

This long stretch of dry weather, combined with unseasonable warmth and some gusty winds, has resulted in wildfires across northern and central parts of the nation.

A sudden change in the wind direction on Thursday led to the death of at least 1 firefighter as they were caught in the blaze. Nine others were injured battling the same fire according to the Associated Press.

Latest reports indicate at least 600 firefighters are actively working to control a number of fires across the region.

The fires have been so bad that earlier this week Portugal began seeking aid from Spain and France to battle the blazes.

Portugal's Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests has said that more than 75,000 acres have burned across the country so far this year.