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Unsettled Weather for Atlanta Through Saturday

The weekend will be warm for Atlanta, but an unsettled weather pattern will prevail through Saturday.

As a steamy air mass hovers over the city, showers and thunderstorms will be active through Friday afternoon and evening.

Storms will continue throughout Saturday, as the mercury rests at about 88 degrees.

Localized flooding concerns cannot be ruled out from the late-week and weekend storms, but problems will not be widespread.

It has been a wet summer for Atlanta. The city has received 3.9 inches of rain already in August, surpassing the monthly average of 2.6 inches.

Additionally, more rain has fallen already from January through Aug. 22 than the city typically receives in an entire calendar year.

Sunday will yield a refreshing change as temperatures drop to a cooler 82 degrees and humidity falls. Storms will move out of the city, presenting the opportunity for a day outdoors.