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Trami to Bring Flooding Rainfall to Taiwan, China

Tropical Storm Trami will plow westward toward northern Taiwan through the middle of the week, eventually making landfall in southeast China on Thursday, local time. This moisture-laden system will bring another round of flooding rainfall to areas soaked by Utor last week and Typhoon Soulik earlier in the season.

A strong tropical storm, Trami, has the potential to become a typhoon before it passes near the northern tip of Taiwan Wednesday. While wind gusts can top 125 km/h (78 mph) in Taipei and coastal sections, heavy rainfall may be the bigger threat. Many locations in northern Taiwan are expected to be drenched with over 200 mm (8 inches) of rain. Amounts in the higher terrain can be even greater, topping 500 mm (20 inches).

The torrential rainfall will lead to street flooding in urban areas and mudslides in the mountainous regions. As with any tropical system, high winds can disrupt power and topple trees.

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After Taiwan, Trami's next stop will be southeast China. Steered by an area of high pressure to the north, Trami is expected to move into China's Fujian province early Thursday. A large swath of 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) of rain is anticipated with lesser amounts far inland.

While the heaviest rain should remain just north of areas flooded by Utor, any additional rainfall will hinder recovery efforts. Farther north, the persistent heat in Shanghai will be tempered a bit with more cloud cover and some showers.