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Poor Air Quality Accompanies Heat in Chicago, Detroit

A very warm and humid air mass combined with light winds is creating poor air quality around Chicago and Detroit Tuesday. These conditions may continue through the middle of the week.

Pollutants will be trapped in the lower layers of the atmosphere and can pose some health risks to people with respiratory problems.

While temperatures and humidity levels are forecast to remain high through Wednesday, more of a breeze should work to help disperse the pollutants later in the day.

However, some sensitive individuals will still want to exercise caution by limiting physical activity outside of a non-air-conditioned environment.

Cooler, less humid air will arrive following thunderstorms that can be locally severe late Wednesday night into early Thursday.

Tuesday was the first air quality action day this year in Illinois this year. Alerts in Illinois are issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The agency stated that people can reduce their contribution to the amount of pollutants by utilizing mass transit, postponing the use of fuel-powered lawn equipment and avoid refueling vehicles until later in the week, if possible.