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Northern Philippines, Manila Flooded by Tropical Storm Trami

The combination of Tropical Storm Trami and the seasonal monsoon has unleashed torrential rainfall on parts of the northern Philippines since Sunday.

Rainfall has totaled more than 19 inches in Sangley Point, Philippines, while the capital city of Manila has reported more than 14 inches of rain causing widespread flooding problems.

The flooding was so bad in and around Manila that the financial markets for the country were shut down on Monday. Government offices, schools, universities and many businesses were also forced to close.

As of Monday afternoon, local time, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council reported three deaths from the heavy rainfall. Several people have been reported missing while at least 11 have been hospitalized with various injuries.

Nearly 100,000 people have been directly affected by the flooding rainfall thus far. Many roadways remain closed due to the flooding while several flights have been canceled.

Tropical Storm Trami will slowly move to the northwest and then west over the next couple of days resulting in a track near Taiwan. Unfortunately, this track will likely continue enhance monsoonal rainfall across the northwest Philippines, including areas already suffering severe flooding problems.

Additional heavy rainfall will be possible through the middle of the week leading to more flooding problems across the region.