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More Tropical Trouble in China

The Western Pacific remains quite active over mainland Asia, and more activity is looking to affect the region.

The remains of Tropical Depression 13W made landfall Sunday in China south of Shanghai, but it looks like the most rainfall with this was around 1-2 inches over coastal China as it moved onshore. Before the remains of this storm moved onshore, there was some excessive heat over parts of eastern China, so this rain has helped to temper the extreme heat.

Meanwhile, the tropics are not quiet east of China as another storm is likely to affect the area. Tropical Storm Trami is several hundred miles off the coast of Taiwan, and this storm is currently moving east.

This eastward movement is expected to stop in the next 12-24 hours and begin to push more to the northwest and eventually west back towards China. Any threat for landfall with Trami is not expected before Tuesday, local time.

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Trami is expected to strengthen slowly over the next few days as it loops around. Trami may even become a Typhoon for a brief time before making landfall over either northern Taiwan or the coast of mainland China. Either way, both locations have had plenty of storms in 2013 that have affected them.

As with any location seeing a Typhoon make landfall, heavy rainfall and stronger wind gusts are expected, along with some mudslides over central Taiwan and mainland China.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert