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Heavy Rain Persists in China, New Tropical Threats

Heavy rain continues to soak highly populated Guangdong, China.

Recently, the heavy rainfall is blamed on former Typhoon Utor. The storm made landfall Wednesday in the province and has moved little since.

The flooding has claimed just a handful of lives. But, floods have caused many travel problems. Thousands were stranded in the city of Guangzhou, a city of more than 12 million, when flooding lead to the delay or suspension of numerous trains to and from the City.

UPI reports that more than 300,000 people have been relocated due to the flooding. Officials also report that nearly 4,000 homes have been destroyed.

Another day of heavy rain soaked the region on Saturday. Shantou picked more than five inches in just 12 hours.

Since Wednesday local time, Lianzhou, Guangdong has seen 12.96 inches of rain. Guangzhou, has seen over eight inches of rain.

Heavy rains associated with the remnants of Utor will linger across Guandong over the next few days.

The rain should finally let up some towards midweek. But, attention then shifts to developing tropical cyclones in the western Pacific.

A pair of tropical depressions formed early Saturday over the Philippine Sea east of China and Taiwan. While not immediately a threat to China. One or both systems could eventually bring heavy rain to the same areas hit hard recently by flooding.