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Winnipeg's Hottest Days of Summer Coming

After a cool start to August, the hottest days of the summer are about to bake Winnipeg, Canada.

A surge of warmth from the Rockies is set to send temperatures to 32 degrees C (90 degrees F) in Winnipeg on Saturday.

Temperatures should fall short of that mark on Sunday before soaring to at least 33 degrees C (91 degrees) on Monday.

Humidity levels will not be oppressive these days, but high enough to add to the discomfort of the heat.

Residents with outdoor plans during this hot spell should avoid strenuous activities and drink plenty of water to prevent coming down with a heat-related illness.

Another danger from the heat will come in the form of an isolated violent thunderstorm Saturday evening.

The upcoming days will prove to be the hottest for Winnipeg so far this summer. July 3 remains the city's hottest day of the summer with a high of 31.1 degrees C (88 degrees F).

A high of 29 degrees C (84 degrees F) has not been recorded in Winnipeg since July 15 due to a cool end to July and start to August. Temperatures so far this month have averaged 2.8 degrees C (5 degrees F) below normal.

This time of year, a high of 25 degrees C (77 degrees F) is more common in Winnipeg.

A cold front may push through the city by Wednesday to usher in cooler air for the rest of next week. However, there is a chance the front will bypass the city and allow the warmth to persist.